hing you don’t know about Xisca and Tonia .   Adrià Icart, Marc Febrer, Clara Febrer. Everybody probably know who Tonia and Xisca are, but do you know where were they born? In this article you discover some things about them. -We start with Tonia:  1)Her name is Tonia Sintes Pallisser and she was born […]

Nasa’s InSight test arrived on Mars

Luke, Marina, Helena. The InSight space module successfully managed to land on the planet next to Earth, Mars, after overcoming the so-called “seven minutes of terror”. That is, the time it takes to cross the atmosphere at almost 20,000 kilometers per hour and reduce its speed to only five kilometres to be able to rest […]


Macià Febrer, Neus Bosch, Cristina Riudavets. -Sant Antoni is a traditional festivity in Menorca to commemorate the incorporation of the Catalonia and Aragon crown to the island, this happen on the 27th of january in 1287. Sant antoni is a Balearic islands festivity, and  is the patron saint. However that was not official until Alfons […]