Un Menorquín en el Everest

Mírian Franco i Núria Mascaró Raül Riudavets, buscando un nuevo reto se encontró subiendo el Everest.   Raül Riudavets, un runner menorquín decidió participar en una carrera por equipos en el Everest. Esta carrera duró 12 días :del 6 al 18 de noviembre. Su familia está muy orgullosa de que haya conseguido superar este reto […]


A study of OBSAM estimated that around 11,000 people could be in a situation of severe social exclusion. According to data from 2010, 15 percent of families have  incomes below thousand euros per month. These figures are the result, among other factors, of low salary levels. according to last year’s data, 9,000 minorcans have an […]

Free life

Marc Recha`s new film This is a new project film of the Catalan director Marc Recha. The shooting has already started on last Monday in Son Ermità the Monday 7th. The artistic team is completed from the one boy and one girl, Mariona Gomila  and Macià Arguimbau. The film is set in Menorca at the […]