Santa Cecília’s party at the high school


Last week at the Biel Martí high school it was celebrated Santa Cecíla’s party, a celebration in the honor of the partoness of music.

By:  Seyna Lo, Pilar Martínez and Olga Rotger.

Santa Cecília is a celebration celebrated because music is important for culture, in  addition to that the concerts are a form of entertainment that many people like.

The high school organizated small individual or collective auditions, depending on what each interpreter decided. Those auditions were done in both breaks, during three days.

The last day, the break was extanded ten minuts because on that way, the students could enjoy music longer.

The Big Band of Es Mercadal prepared a small concert dedicated to the jazz songs where they went from 1º to 4º of the ESO.

To have clearer how the musicians see these concerts, we have interviewed some:
Practically everyone agrees that they were very nervous, but still the vast majority say they would like to be able to participate again next year. Many, told us that they had prepared their performance in a group, but not all. 

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