By Rosa Morlà, Adri López and Roser Márquez

Animal abuse is happening now, showing part of the human cruelty and ignorance.
No living being deserves to be tortured, humiliated or abandoned. Only in Spain 21.5 million domestic animals are abandoned throughout the year for different reasons, none of them reasonable. There is no excuse or reason to abandon an animal. We believe that people who abuse animals deserve punishment or condemnation because they have no right to do so.


People enjoy watching the killing of bulls, and it is a Spanish tradition. However, a tradition should not mean humiliating or killing animals. 70,000 bulls die in Spain in a year. This is not art, this is not culture, this is torture of a living being. This must be stopped.


We also have to mention the importance of people ceasing to use garments made of animals. We raise cows and sheep, hunt seals, cage minks, foxes, etc. We prevent these animals from enjoying their lives and finally, we kill them to make clothing with their skins or their fur. The body and the skin of the animals are only theirs, not one else’s.

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