To celebrate the patron saint of Minorca, Sant Antoni, the students of the high-school made some workshops.

Mercè, Alba J i Òscar


Last Monday IES Biel Martí students, made a lot of workshops. The students had to choose two out of a wide variety. The workshops were: Zumba, pilates, ioga, baking, slingshot, “marès”, scrapbooking, “camí de cavalls”, popular games, “dins, fora, surt”, “batucada”, “truc”, “macramé” among others.

In the zumba workshops there were so many nowadays songs like “shaky shaky” or “reggaeton lento”.

The workshops were very enjoyable. The teachers did the workshops gladly, and the students of 1st of Batxillerat, also helped them.

People in town celebRateD Sant Antoni with a barbacue of sobrassada or cuixot. And in Ferreries there also were the  myotragus demons, and they did a “correfocs”.

Sant Antoni is the patron saint of Menorca because Alfons  III conquered Menorca. For this reason we commemorate the patron of Minorca. We celebrate the “3 tocs” because Alfons III beat three times the door. The people in Ciutadella every 17th of January celebrate it.

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