I was 8 years old and I couldn’t sleep withoutmy Teddy Bear. From “thychildhoud” I couldn’t sleep without him. But I lost it one day.

Everything happened on Friday, the day started well, because I ate my favourite food,spaghetti. But in the afternoon my cousin visited me, and we played with our Teddy Bears. When he said goodbye he took my Teddy Bear without realizing it. At night, I was going to bed but suddenly I realized that my Teddy Bear was missing because of prep my cousin. I didin’t know what to do. It was too late and if my mother found out that I wanted to go out and rescue him she wouldn’t let me. So I put on my socks and I escaped from my house without her realizing it. To go faster to my cousin’s house, I used my bicycle. When I arrived my cousin was sleeping, but I didn’t  know how to get to my cousin’s room. Without making much noise. Finally, I did it, but then I had to find my Teddy Bear.


Searching and searching I couldn’t find anything, but I remembered that he haad a place where he hid his favourite toys. I searched there and…

THERE WAS! I was very happy to have found it but I couldn’t make much noise because he was sleeping. When I came back home with the bicycle, I remembered that my cousin and I were playing robberies and so he had caught my Teddy Bear, hahahaha. What a laugh, I was so desesperate to find my Teddy Bear that I couldn’t remember.

And here my story ends. I hope you liked it!

                                                                                        Danny Craig Rivera Macias

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