It had been a long and rainy day.

I was on my bicycle, when I saw a man with a little girl. The girl had a beautiful Teddy bear.

Her name was Sofia, I knew it because the mystery man said her name.

Sofia should be three years old. She was wearing a grey skirt with a white t-shirt and black boots. She had a ponytail.

The man was wearing blue trousers with a black jacket and black shoes. I didn’t look at his face.

Later, I saw the man had a gun!

I wanted to help the little girl, so I thought to follow them.

We went through different streets. Finally, he stoppted at a restaurant. The man didn’t eat anything but Sofia ate spaghetti.

Thirty minutes later, they moved again to a factory. I also went to the factory.

When I entered, I saw Sofia was tied to a chair and with socks in her mouth.

When the man didn’t look I went next to Sofia but he caught me.

At that moment the police came, because I had colled them, and the man taught me and aimed at me with the gun. But I bit him and the police shot the man.

The man’s name was Antonio and he smuggled with children. Sofia was lucky to be saved.

But he had killed her parents so I stayed with her because she didn’t have anyone else.

It was a very long day.

Juliana Hermosa

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