One day summer, some children planned a robbery. They wanted to steal a bike, a teddy bear and some socks.

They were daily observed a round binipreu: the security camera and the guards, knew them and defended themselves, in other words that is someone to plane the camera didn’t saw, and that some was told thing at the guard, because the others pass without any problem.

After each day were watching the supermarket, the plan had already done and to confirm.

That day, came they entered normal and they closed themselves in the supermarket bath room, which was closed to the public, and they were in, they didn’t found. After they put photos of where the cameras was pointing.

When they had everything ready, they went to look for the things they wanted to steal; the bike, the teddy bear and some socks. They distributed jobs.

Peter went to take the teddy bear, Clara for socks, Tom for the bike and Marta and Carlas watched.

Suddenly, Carlas and Marta saw a guard, they ran away, threw a pack spaghetti on the floor because then he will have to fold it lid and they could search their friends. They found pick Clara and told him:

-”We’ve seen a guard, we have to go.”

-”Okay I have socks, let’s find the others.”-Replied Clara.

When they were all out of the market, they were so lucky that the police were outside too. They grabbed them. Then forced to return things to their place, clear the spaghetti and take photos in front f the cameras.

As a punishment, the children had to clean supermarket every day to make children learn not to steal things.

Ariadna   Jener

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