I was eating my spaghetti, and my mother said if I wanted to go with her at the supermarket. I asked if I could tae my bicycle and my teddy bear, and she accepted by nodding.

When we arrived at the supermarket, my mother went to the fish setion, I stayed outside and then I saw a tall man with long grey hair and beard in a car and he asked me if I liked straberries. He told me he had some of them in his house. I said I love straberries. I was so scared, because that man, was somehow fightening. Then he went out of his car and I shouted. He came towards me and he covered my mouth with his hands. Then he put me in his grey car and drove away.

Later my mother saw my bicycle and my teddy bear, she was looking for me in the supermarket but she couldn’t find me, so she decided to call the police.

That car was so small and dirty. He grabbed my arm and he left me in a forest for three hours.

When we returned and he tied up my hand with a rope. I saw his terrible face and then went go out of that place running because the police officers had found me.


Roser Márquez

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