STORY | The adventure of Johnny:

Johnny was a normal person, he went to work, ate, slept and watched TV every day. But he wasn’t happy with his life. He wanted adventures and emotions. He decided to become a bad boy for one night. He wanted to smuggle.


Johnny knew a place to carry out his plan. The police never went to this place. The Pablito’s Rainbow. The Pablito’s Rainbow was a fast food restaurant. But this was the best place for his plan because The Pablito’s didn’t have any type of security, didn’t make questions and he knew his boss.

Johnny went to the restaurant. When he sat, the waitress asked what he wanted to order. He chose spaghetti. After eating, he started his plan. He finished the plan, consisted on putting the drugs into a teddy bear and socks. After that, he put the teddy bear and the socks into a bag.


When he arrived to his house he prepared everything. He took a bicycle and went to the border. He was on the border and he was ready. He speeded up and passed the border. In the other side he sold the drugs and made a lot of money. But for his misfortune, the police saw him when he was retorning. The police made in investigation and sent him to prison.


Now he is in prison. But not everything is bad. Johnny is making friends and he is very happy, more than when he lived in his house. It is the first time Johnny is making friends. He had never had any friends before.


Made by: Joan Melià Acosta

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