He was Howard, a man from Utah. He lived in an alley from Salt Lake city, he was an okupa from an old house, he lived alone until the last of his days.

He was revolutionary man, he never followed the laws.

Nobody knew him, until a day…

He drew a map of Arizona, with all the cities and all the streets that you can imagine, and a big red piece of adhesive tape. His plan had done on November 5th 1972. He only had a bicycle, some money and a lot of robbed things. He ate spaghetti every day, because it was the cheapest thing to buy in the supermarket.

The day arrived, he took his bike, a wallet with money he had been saving for the last two years, and left his «house».

Nobody knew of his plan, but he went to the sports shop and bought a pair of mountain boots, a backpack, some trousers and a big hoodie, to look like a hiker. When he got ready, he went to the train station, and bought the first train ticket he found  with destination to Arizona.

He wanted to smuggle jewelery, he hid the most important jewels into a teddy bear, and the rest, inside some socks.

While he was waiting for the train, he got so scared that the police could found his treasure at any moment, but luckily for him, they didn’t.

Finally arrived to Phoenix, Arizona’s capital and grabbed a big map. He was walking trough the street when he saw someone that he could recognise.

He was the man who wanted to buy Howard’s treasure, they met and went to an isolated street and Howard sold all the jewelery: rings, necklaces and earrings.

Howard became rich in half an hour, he won millions of dollars.

When he decided to go back to Utah, he opened a new bank account, and left the biggest part of his money into it. He decided to dress up as a rich man, or a business man, so the police couldn’t discover his real identity and what he had done.


Laura Moure

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