Some idees how to decorate your room:


  1. This design is perfect for a female room if you want to save space.
  2. A paper wall will give to your room.
  3. Dandalios will give a very fernine style to a small room. A neutral tone in Key.
  4. Black and Pink are a perfect balance.
  5. A colourful rug will give life to your space.
  6. You can try diferent topics, Hindu, for example.
  7. Textura will make a diference.
  8. Soripes will always be perfect.
  9. A room inspired in zebras.
  10. Perfect distribution of space.
  11. Pastel colours on the furniture will make your room unique.
  12. Simple and cazy.
  13. Urban style.
  14. Light colours will make the room bringhten.
  15. Small details make big difference.
  16. Ariadna Pons Soler i Aina Pons Riera


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