The students from IES Biel Martí together with the Sant Francesc school and Santa Àgueda ran a race on 11th of April in Ferreries.   By Marina Salord, Sandra Martí and Laura Moure   The students raised money for Aspanol and Creu Roja. Each boy or girl had a paper with a list of people […]


“Ferreries floreix” is an event that has been held in Ferreries at the end of May since 2014. It’s organized by Ferreries’ town hall and everybody can participate in it.   By Pilar, Ariadna and Seyna   “Ferreries floreix” is a cultural event typical of Ferreries, because no other town in Menorca has got this […]


Ayram Pérez, Júlia Cardona i Míriam Riera   El dia 20 de Febrer, van venir dues persones d’un centre de diversitat de Maó a fer-nos una xerrada.   Ens hem donat compte de moltes coses, com per exemple que per fer sentir be a les persones amb alguna diversitat hem de donar-nos compte de que […]


Ayram Perez, Julia and Mriiam Cardona Riera.   These days we have gone through the classrooms and some workers to institute surveys as had been the second quarter. We did two different surveys.   What do you think the 2nd quarter? Opinau a little.   OK, better grades, not liked, very difficult, well, tough, good, […]