Marc Quintana, Aixa Amengual i Teresa Pons

The Institute of evaluations of the Balearic Islands decided to do some exams to some highscools of the Island. One of this highschools was IES Biel Marti.

This week the students of 2nd ESO of the IES Biel Marti and other highschools in the Balearic Islands are doing some exams to see the level they have in certain subject. There exams are called IAQSE (the Institute of Evaluatioons and Quality of the Education System of the Balearic Islands).

It started on Tuesday 9th of May. The first exam was an English exam. On Wednesday the exam was an Spanish one. The next one was on the Thursday and it was a Catalan exam. And finally, on Friday it was the Maths exam.

We asked some students haw the exams were. They said that the exams were easy. And they said that the time of the was adequate but those who finish soon got bored.

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