Andreu B., Billal B., Mirian F.

Today Saturday 6 of May started the exhibition of music and dance of entire Menorca, some schools of Menorca are participating in this exhibition, each school represented the dance that they were practising all this time.

They have 3 types of schedules 18:00: Hip hop, Es Mercadal, Ferreries, Janire Dahl, soul sisters, combo Es Mercadal, Dalila and The Panda.

Schedule of the actuations in groups is at 21:00.


-Franz Pons

Hour of deliverance of awards is 22:00. The winners of the exhibition of 2017. In this exhibition comes a lot of people, and you only can participate depends of the age and group.

It can only participate one group of each school of hip hop.

The majority of people likes a lot this exhibition

Here is the web of InJoveMenorca:

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