In Ferreries celebrate Santa Claus and the three kings.


In Ferreries we celebrate the Christmas day. On the 24th at night some people celebrate Santa Claus. And in the afternoon of 5th January some people celebrate the Epiphany wich on the 6th of January.


Santa Claus is a fat man with white beard, red had and his clothes are red. He goes from house to house with presents and riding his reindear. And when the children get up, they go to the wing room where they have the tree and they see a lot of presents, under it.


On the 1st of January the kings pages come to town with tractors and the children go to the town hall and there they give ther letters wich explain what they whant to kings to bring them. When the children give the letters to the kings pages, they get some sweets.


The three kings are Melchior, Gaspar and Balthasar. They come on 5th at night. The kings come by horse and they bring the presents on the tractors.


People like these dates because it is time to spend with the family and the childrenlike to spend this time with their presents.




Rafael, Judith and Aura

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