The man that never sleeps

A 75-year-old Thaiman, Thai Ngoc has been 42 years without sleeping not even a minute.

His life has changed sinse 1975 because he coudn’t sleep, when Thai Ngoc was younger he worked at night.

Now that his older he watches tv, goes for a walk or smokes.

He was taken to a hospital and they told him that he was ok.

The man used to sleep.They have tried everything.

Once somebody bought sleeping pills for him but they didn’t work.

His never ill.The English people wanted to take him to the Chi Minh so they could investigsate this case.

But he didn’t want to go because he says his alright.

The man doesn’t care what’s happening to him and he a very normal life and it doesn’t affect him.

Felip, Nil i Lily

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