The sport life of Chinca

Chinca invents a new sport: waterpolo with dolphins

Paula, Mevis, Enric

Our group of sports section, of d’ona en ona magazine is interviewing Chinca. During this intervew she explains a lot of things of her sport life.
Chinca is a teacher of German and Ethics. She lives in Mercadal but every day she comes to Ferreries to teach her students. She is a great teacher, happy and funny.

We ask Chinca which sport she used to practise when she was a child, she answered that she did some tennis, some ballet, some basket and ski.
She also liked to do other sports like handball, volleyball and badminton.
Nowadays she doesn’t practise any sport she used to practise in the past.
She didn’t receive any award. Chinca practised ballet during the age of primary school and she did basketball until the age of 13 or 14 years old.

Now she does ioga, pilates and also loves running.
She likes the sport practise right now but she would like to do acroioga and cloths, acroioga is a sport to do in pairs and they do acrobatic figures. Cloths is a sport that is done in the circus. Chinca doesn’t like football, she hates it. She would like to do waterpolo with dolphins or sea horses. It would be great! She prefers her current job rather than being a professional sportperson, but she would like to spend more time on the practise of sports.



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