«When I was a child I realized that I wanted to be a teacher»

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Miquel Capó is a maths teacher from Ciutadella, he works now at IES Biel Martí in Ferreries. When he was a child he used to explain and help his schoolmates. He also loved maths and he decided to be a maths teacher

How old were you when you started studying maths? Why did you like maths?

I started studying maths at school, like everyone. I liked them because I was good at them, I guess.

When did you realized that you wanted to be a teacher?

When I was a child I realized that I wanted to be a teacher, because I liked explaining and helping people. I also liked maths so I decided to mix both things

When you were a child, did you use to be good at maths?

Yes I used to be good at maths and I recieved good marks. Generallly, I recieved good marks in all subjects, but in maths the marks were a bit better than in the other subjects.

Before working in this high school, did you work in anoter?

Yes, I worked in Consolació in Ciutadella, in Josep Maria Quadrado in Ciutadella, in Maria Àngels Cardona in Ciutadella and in the Alaior’s high school, but not in this order.

How old were you when you stopped studying maths and started wworking as a teacher?

When I finished studying I was 22 yeras old. I got a job in Consolació in Ciutadella and I started teaching there.

What do you usually do on your free time?

On my free time I usually read books and prepare classnotes for my students. I get all lessons ready.

What do you like the most about maths?

What I like the most is thinking and reasoning, I prefer this rather than doing mechanical things. Even though, I have to do them sometimes.

Can you give us some advice about how to study maths?

People that want to study maths need to study relaxedly and not to study only on the last day, because this way you don’t understand anything. People that want to study a maths degree must like maths a lot, because it is a hard degree.

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