The teenagers use too many the electronic devices : phones, computers,videogames, tablets and others.

Electronic devices. 1/12/2017

Carlos Pons, Paula Pons, Alberto Salmerón

Teens usually use electronic devices. Boys and girls from the IES Biel Martí, answered, the questions we asked them.

ESO students often use the electronic devices 3 hours a day. From first they use youtube and instagram the most, followed often youtube and instagram too, third of ESO whattsapp and instagram and fourth whattsapp and instagram too!

All the ESO students, have a phone and most people also have laptops, netbooks, tv, tablets and more. The electronic device that the students use the most is the phone . Students don’t usually sleep with the phone next to them.

From my point o view, the technology is very good because you learn with it, but you can not use it in exces.

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