A developing process.

Román, Fiona, Josep

The technologies can be applied to any object, and the sports world could be not an exception. In tennis, for example, with the hawkeye. In basket,technology is used with repetitions of instantaneous plays. These technologies are matches increasingly being expanded and improved, nobody wants to lose any detail.

The hawk eye, that consists on making a trajectory of the ball to know exactly where it has fallen.

Another one applies to some sports like swimming or athletics. In these sports a thousand of a second can be determining. The exits and the arrivals must be exact,. For this reason, the place where the athletes put on their feet have sensors indicaty if they have started too early, and in the arrivals they use the photo finish, a camera that captures more than 1000 pictures in less than a second.

Another technology related with swimming is the polyurethane swimsuit. This material does not absorb water and you obtain more speed.

One of the most used is GPS. With this technology you can calculate the speed, distance and rhythm by satellite.

These technologies are only applied in elite sports because they are very difficult to incorporate and are very expensive.