The past 14th of december the students of IES Biel Marti had a fire simulation.

The fire simulation was at quater to eleven when an alarm sound very loud. All students of IES Biel Marti went out of the high school. They waited fifteen minutes and then they went back in.

This fire simulation is carried out twice a year. One fire simulation is prepared and the other is improvised. This fire simulation is made because the regulations state that at least one fire simulation has to be carried out every year.

The students think the fire simulation is a good idea because in IES BIEL MARTÍ, our high school, there are around 400 people, and for the people’s security a fire simulation is necesary.

Resultat d'imatges de alarma incendios

Felip Coll, Silvia Riudavets, Rafa Rodríguez.

Ciència, Institut i Cultura.




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