The football transfer market is back again. Money, the sky is the limit! It is crazy!

There is a new transfer, Philippe Coutinho that it is an other nonsense. 160 millions for one player who is not the best player. The top 7, most expensive players are:

1.Neymar (€222 millions) FC Barcelona- PSG.

2. Coutinho (€160 millions) Liverpool-FC Barcelona.

3. Dembélé (€145 millions) Borussia Dortmund-FC Barcelona.

4. Pogba (€120 millions) Juventus-Manchester United.

5. Bale (€100 millions) Totenham Hotspur-Real Madrid.

6. C. Ronaldo (€94 millions) Manchester United-Real Madrid.

7. Higuaín (€90 millions) Napoli-Juventus.

As you can see, all those quantities of money are huge. It is unfair if we consider that poor people who really need the money cannot use it for basic things.

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