Entrevista a na Cati Coll Pons

Marc Villalonga i Núria Pons

What did you study? Where?
-I studied English language learning. In UIB (Universitat Illes Balears), Palma de Mallorca.

Do you like teaching English?
-Yes, I love teaching english.

Can you tell us the schools you have worked in?
-I’ve worked in 6 schools so far.The first one was CEIP Tramuntana, Mahon, for 3 months.
The second one was CEIP Castell de Santa Àgueda, Ferreries, for 3 months.
Then I was in Angel Ruiz y Pablo, Es Castell, 1 year.
The next course I was in Margarida Florit, Ciutadella, 1 year.
Then I was 3 years in CEIP Pintor Torrent, Ciutadella.
Then I got my definit place in CEIP Dr. Comas Camps.

How long have you being working as a teacher?
-I’m teaching english since 2009.

What courses do you usually teach?
-Normally I teach all grades.

Have you ever taught in a secondary school?
-No, never.

Which are the positive aspects for you about being an English teacher? And the negative ones?-
-On the one hand, all the aspects are positive because I love teaching English, teaching a new lenguage,
through games, songs, and more. On the other hand, I can find a negative aspect that I get so tired

Now you are a mother, is it difficult combine you personal live with your profesional one?
-It is not difficult but I had to change my timetable. Instead of working at home in the afternoons I do it at

Where have you travelled abroad?
-I’ve travelled to:
New york
and more…

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