This temple dates back to years 138 and 161 AD.

·Mikel, Iker and Enric

An Egyptian team of archaeologists have found a broken temple in the oasis of Siwa, situated in the north-west of Egypt.

The Minister of Antiquities of Egypt explained that the most important piece found in the interior of the temple is a block of limestone. This investigation is in operation but the important part is made. There is much made but is not finished.

This investigation has been possible thanks to all the equipment and the experts that have been working day after day. They knew that there was a temple there because previously they had some clues.

The temple is 340 m3 more or less and is surrounded by a wall of 71 meters long and 56 meters wide .

This temple belonged to the Roman Emperor Antonio Pío, successor of Adriano, the previous emperor. The parts of this temple are 2 little rooms and in it there is a sanctuary, too.

This discovery is another step for the culture of the Earth.



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