Julia Fernandez, David Martí, Luana Rotger.

Christmas is an annual festivity commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ, on December 25th. In Spain most people celebrate it. They decorate their houses. They make a crib with many statues that represent Bethlem. They also put a tree with some lights, colours balls, and some people put candies mit as well.


On the 24th of December families in England celebrate Christmas Eve. Families get together and have a big dinner. The most traditional food is the stuffed turkey. In Menorca we prepare “sopa de la reina”, and a past roll called “canelons” made with meat. Typical desserts in Menorca are “cuscussó” and “polvorons”made with almonds.

In that night in many countries, Santa Claus comes to leave the presents to the children and later all the family have lunch together. Christmas in Balearic Islands is different.


On the 25th of December, the families have lunch together, and then they eat “turró” for dessert. In the afternoon we usually play Bingo.


On the 31st of December we celebrate the newyear’s and at twelve o’clock we eat grapes for each of the twelve Eve stroke, and then we go to sleep very late, about 03:00 or 04:00 am.

The first day of the year in the evening all the children give their letters to the pages. On the 5th of January the boys and girls are very happy to open their presents and stay with the family.


In conclusion christmas is a very beautiful celebration, because you stay with the family and have fun.


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