Xavi Florit, Karen Cedeño, Georgina Garcia

Hare we have the best present to give for this Christmas. You can give these presents to your family or friends.

These presents are the most populars ones of all the world.

Now we will show you the TOP 10 of the christmas presents.


1.Big meal food. Is a game whose objective is to eat the food but the food is rolling around you.


2.LOL surprise. Is a ball with a surprise, that is a doll.


3.Dobble. Is card game in which visual acuity and seed movement are heeded.


4.The joker dentist. Is a science game and its objective it to make children learn and have fun childrens can check fell cavities, put orthodontic brackets.


5.The slime factory. Is a factory or laboratory, when you can a mix chemical substances.


6.Chrono Bomb. Is a game in which you need reflex the game’s aim is to deactivate a bomb.


7.Gravitrax starter set: is like a modern-day marble run. you use your imagination to build tracks and set the gravity spheres rolling.


8.Boxer: Is a query, pocket-sized robot. That comes with a mini  remote control.


9.Pie Face Cannon: Is a game in which one player puts in a mould with the shape of the face. And the other players his or her face shot a canon with cream to him or her.


10.Experimake seuge & seime: Is a science game and you make experiments.


Apart from this, mobile phones, laptops, games consoles are still the best sellers, this is mainly because our generation mostly interested in technology.

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