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Today we will interview Marga Pons one of the shop assistants in the bakery “ Can Pedro” which opened in 1968. There are Can Pedro shops in Mercadal in Mahon and in Ferreries. We chose Can Pedro in Ferreries because it is our favorite bakery.

Where were you born?

  • In warn born in Ferreries on the 28th of August 1956.

When did you start to work here?

  • I started to work here 20 years ago.

How many sop assistants are there in Can Pedro?

  • We are 2 shops assistants

When did the shop open?

  • Can Pedro opened in 1968, 51 years ago.

What time do you open Can Pedro?

  • We open at 6:00- and close 13:30 in the morning, we open again at 16:00-20:00 in the afternoon.

How many types of bread do you have?

  • We have lots of types of bread: “chia” bread, bread, rye bread, spelt bread, baguette bread, wheat bread, whole bread, round bread…

What do you like the most about your job?

  • I like the most is you doll with people.

What do you like the least your job?

  • In the morning we open very early.

What qualities does a good assistants have?

  • I think it is important, be nice and know how to help customers.

Thank you for the interview. Now we know more aspects of you and your job.

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