Nina Pons, Clara Febrer, Julia Baixas

This is a comparison of the playgrounds of Es Mercadal and Ferreries.  

We made it to know how the playgrounds are.

On the one hand, in Es Mercadal there are five playgrounds: the “campito”, near the music school, the skate park, near the bus stop, the “Pare camps” square, in the centre of the town, the park of the football pitch, and the park of “villa pijos”, in the Biniumaia residential area.

The children only play in the campito, the skate park and in the Pare camps square, because the park of “ villa pijos” and the park of the football pitch are too fan from the town centre. Besides, the park of “ villa pijos” is broken, since it is too old, without paint. Apart from this, it is nean a cliff which is quite dangerous.

The parks are dirty, because the children throw candy wrappers and bubblegums to the ground.

On the other hand, in Ferreries there are five playgrounds are well: the park of the “Llevant square”, the skate park, behind the football pitch, the playground near “ Bobby” pizzeria, the park of the “Plaça constitució square”, and the parks of the “Espanya square”.

Most of the parks are located in good places: near restaurants and bans, except for the skate park which is a little further.

Ferreries playgrounds are in good conditions, but there are dog poops on the ground. But, in Es Mercadal, dogs can’t enter the playgrounds.

In our opinion, the local government y Es Mercadal should repair the park of “villa pijos”, and clean the playgrounds, and in Ferreries the local government should fine the dogs owners for leaving their pets’ poops on the grondund.

«Es Parque» (Es Mercadal)
Parc des Camp de Futbol (Es Mercadal)
Skate Park (Es Mercadal)
Skate Park (Ferreries)
Parc de Llevant (Ferreries)
Campito (Es Mercadal)
«Plaça del Bobby» (Ferreries)
Plaça de sa Constitució (Ferreries)
Plaça Espanya (Ferreries)










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