Mer Salvat, Judit Marin, Marina Moll

After visiting Mallorca street we saw that there was nothing interesting apart from two bars and some shops. However, Mallorca Street is important because it leads to Migjorn Gran Street.

In Mallorca Street there are two bars: Bar ferre and Sa perdiu. There is also the Geology Museum at the end of the street and a lot of houses. In addition, there are more cats than in any other street in “Ferreries”.

What we think about this street is that: It’s extremely boring and it’s not beautiful. This street is not lively enough. It’s just lively at some weekends in the summer. There are too many houses but there are not enough shops. There is not any library  or good restaurants. It’s a little bit dirty.

There are some aspects that the town hall needs to improve to make it better and livelier. They should build a park and add some shops and put some bins too.

Resultat d'imatges de ferreries carrer mallorca

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