Jenny, Adrián and Adriá

“ Sa Libreria” is the main bookshop in Ferreries. It is in verge del Toro Avenue. The owner is Pere Al·lès and he has worked about 15 years in the bookshop. Originally when they retired, he got in charge of the business. We have had the opportunity of chatting with Pere and he has told hit about a us the latest books. This parents were the owners: Xisca Pons and Pere Al·lès. Pere Al·lès says that women buy more books than men and his clients are people between 35 years and 60 years old. Pere’s parents founded the bookshop in 1961 Pere inherited the business years later. In 1980 they remolleded the second floor. In the past, they used to sell the most common school items and nowadays they offen a order range of products.


The best-selling fiction books this year are: “La muestra del comendador” by Haruki Murakami, “Problemas de indentidad” by Carlos Zañón and “A l’amic escocès” by Maria Barbal. The best-selling not fiction this year are”Espigulant pel rostoll morisc” by Fransesc Riudavets,”Como hacer que te pase cosas buenas” by Marian Rojas and “Mi historia” by Michelle obama.


Howevery the best-selling book this year is “Sapiens” by Yuval Noah Hara. “Sapiens” is a book about the history of humankind from evolution of archai human species in the stone age up to the twenty-first century. Fowsing on homo sapiens. This book was published in hebrew in Israel in 2011 and in english in 2014.


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