Julia, David and Miguel                  

In P.E we are doing a project about hiking we work in groups of 4 or 5, in cami de cavalls and we record the the journey. Also we have to pick up the rubbish of the ground. Hiking is a sporty activiti. It si not a competitive sport. Hiking attacts people to enjoy the nature.

In Menorca if you hiking like hiking, you can go to “Cami de cavalls”. It is a historical path. It is 185 KM long,it is distributed in twenty stages all around Menorca.

There you can find beaches,some cliffs or pire woods.

In 1330 the king jaume II used it to guard the island. Years later Britain and France used it as a strategic point. Its origin is unknown, there are lots of legends about the historical path. One of the legends says that they called it “camí de cavalls” because knights used to guard it.

The objective of this project is to explain to our class what we have seen in the stretch that we have done and what we have learnt about “Cami de cavalls”. In conclusion,the unit that we are doing in P.E is very interesting, we learn new aspecting about Menorca, we do outdoors activity with ours friends and we have a good time

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