Núria Pons, Andrea Castro, Lluc Sintes.


We asked 20 people from Ferreries which is the last trip they did and the next trip they are planning to do, an this is what they answered.

Told us that their last trip was to Madrid and three people told us that their last trip was to Barcelona. Palma, Madrid, Barcelona are the three most visited cities this by Ferreries people. In addiction two people have gone to London recently. Italy, Paris and Asturias have been visited by only one person each.

We asked the same people which trip they are planning next.

The most common answer was been Palma, with five people followed by Madrid and Barcelona with four people each. Three people want to travel to London while the next trip of two people will be Rome, one person will go to Berlin and another to Greece.

In conclusion the most visited places are Palma, Madrid and Barcelona. Because they are near to Menorca and they cheapest places to go for Menorcan’ people.

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