Vicky Marquès, Teresa Truyol, Adrià Icart

We have done questions to the shop assistant of Sports Bosch. It is a sport shop of Ferrerias located in Verge del Toro Avenue. They have sold sport clothes and complements for 40 years.

This business was started by the dad of the two present owners. In the past, the shop was in Fred street, but 40 years ago it moved to the present address.

The types of products, they sold have changed during the years. In the past, the sport clothes were less comfortable but more durable than now.

Although there is a wide variety of products, like socks, caps and bags. Only two people work there. Contrary to what it may seen, the sell more products in winter. They sell on Monday the most too. Most clients are from Ferreries but there are some customers from other towns.

They offer different brands, but the most sold ones are Adidas, Asic and Joma. To get all products they either buy them via Internet or via agents. The products come from different places around Spain, although they have been made, in different places around the world.

The online trate damages them a lot. They cannot compete vs online prices, and the range of products online.

However, they run the business with confidence. Contrary to online purchases, in can Bosch, you can try the products on, and can easily return, them if necessary.              

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