A developing process. Román, Fiona, Josep The technologies can be applied to any object, and the sports world could be not an exception. In tennis, for example, with the hawkeye. In basket,technology is used with repetitions of instantaneous plays. These technologies are matches increasingly being expanded and improved, nobody wants to lose any detail. The […]

The sport life of Chinca

Chinca invents a new sport: waterpolo with dolphins Paula, Mevis, Enric Our group of sports section, of d’ona en ona magazine is interviewing Chinca. During this intervew she explains a lot of things of her sport life. Chinca is a teacher of German and Ethics. She lives in Mercadal but every day she comes to […]


Un dels esports més increïbles que es practica a Menorca es salt amb parapent , que es realitza al Toro la muntanya més alta de Menorca. Hem xerrat amb un dels organitzadors de l’empresa de la tirada en parapent des del Toro: Planoram. Ens han dit que pots tirar-te només tenint 5 anys! Tot i […]